Game Animation

Game Description

Two alliances of three teams compete on a field with bumps which they must navigate over or under, attempting to earn points by collecting soccer balls in goals. Additional bonus points were earned for each robot which could lift itself up onto the central platform and remain suspended in the air, not touching the field, at the end of the match.

Game Manuals

Complete 2010 FRC Manual
Section 0 - Introduction
Section 1 - Communication
Section 2 - Team Organization
Section 4 - Robot Transportation
Section 5 - The Awards
Section 6 - The Arena
Section 7 - The Game
Section 8 - The Robot
Section 9 - The Tournament
Section 10 - The Kit of Parts
Delay-of-Game Management Algorithm

2010 FRC Control System

Care of Reusable 2010 Kit Components
Chapter 0 - Beta Test
Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Getting Started
Chapter 3 - Component Data Sheets
Cypress IO Pinout Tables
Robot Data Connectivity Diagram
Robot Power Distribution Diagram

The Field

Arena Layout and Marking
Basic Field Drawings
Game Specific Drawings
Team Drawings
Vision Target

The Kit of Parts

2010 Rookie-Veteran Kit Variations
Axis Camera Pan and Tilt Components With Assembly
Gyro Datasheet
Kit of Parts Checklist
Magnetic Rotary Encoder
Spare Parts List

The Robot

Inspection Bill-Of-Materials (BOM) Template
Inspection Checklist
Pneumatics Manual
Sensor Manual

The Tournament

Configuring the WET610N Radio
Field Management System Twitter Feed

Complete Game Manuals (.zip)