Game Animation

Game Description

The game is played on a square field, divided into three main sections by moveable gates. The objective of the game is to place barrels and balls into cylindrical goals of different heights placed around the field. Points may also be scored by pushing game pieces into the corner floor goals. Gates may be raised or lowered at any point during the match, but they must remain raised for the last 30 seconds of play. White barrels double all points in a goal, and black barrels remove all score for that barrel.

Game Manuals

Game Description and Scoring
Full Manual
Appendix A - Field Drawings, Specifications, and BOM
Appendix B - Robot Skills Challenge
Appendix C - Programming Skills Challenge
Appendix D - Inspection Guidelines
Appendix E - Awards
Appendix F - College Challenge
Inspection Checklist
Referee Scoresheet

Complete Game Manuals (.zip)