Game Animation

Game Description

Two alliances with three robots each compete on a flat foot field, to hang as many inflated plastic triangles, circles, and squares on pegs on their scoring grids as they can during the match, both autonomously then manually, to score points. The higher the teams hang their game pieces, the more points their alliance receives. The match ends with robots deploying minibots, which race to the top of a specialized vertical pole to trigger a sensor and earn additional bonus points.

Game Manuals

Section 1 - Introduction
Section 2 - Communication
Section 3 - Team Organization
Section 4 - At The Events
Section 5 - Robot Transportation
Section 6 - The Awards

Robot Transportation

Attending a Bag and Tag Event
Bag and Tag FAQ
How to Ship Your Robot
Non-Compliance Robot Lock Up Form
Robot Lock Up Form
Shipping Crate Construction

FRC Game Manual

Complete FRC Game Manual
Section 1 - Introduction
Section 2 - The Arena
Section 3 - The Game
Section 4 - The Robot
Section 5 - The Tournament
The LogoMotion Hook

The Arena

Arena Layout and Markings
Basic Field Drawings
Game Specific Drawings
Team Drawings
Vision Target Dimensions

The Robot

Approved Tetrix Parts
Inspection Bill-Of-Materials (BOM) Template
Robot Quick Build Documents

Kit of Parts Manuals

Kit-Bot Assembly Instructions
KOP Checklist
Pneumatics Manual

Control System

Basic Operator Control
Getting Started With The 2011 Control System
How to Build and Load Programming in LabVIEW, C, C++, and Java
How to Configure Your Camera
How to Configure Your cRIO
How to Configure Your I-O Module
How to Configure Your Radio
How to Set Up Your 2011 Driver Station
How to Set Up Your Robot Control System
Robot Data Connectivity Diagram (CAN)
Robot Data Connectivity Diagram (PWM)
Robot Power Distribution Diagram

Parts Data Sheets

ADW22307 - Gyro
ADXL345 - Accelerometer
Analog Breakout
AS5030 - Rotary Magnetic Encoder
AS5304 - Linear Magnetic Encoder
Burndy Tie Wraps
Burndy YAZ-FX Two-Hole HYLUG
Cypress I-O Pinout Tables
Digital Sidecar
Festo Solenoids
Honeywell Microswitch
Motor Curves
Power Distribution Board
Rockwell Automation Signal LED
Solenoid Breakout
Spike Installation Drawing
Spike User Guide
Victor Installation Drawing
Victor User Guide

Complete Game Manuals (.zip)