Carden Middle School

In the fall, we visited Carden Middle School and gave a presentation about our team and what we do, including FIRST and VEX robotics. After we gave a presentation, we divided the kids up into two groups and had them quickly build a basic manipulator on two pre-built VEX chassis. Then, we had them compete against each other in a basic game we designed. This allowed the kids to have a little experience with what we do in robotics, and hopefully to encourage them to pursue robotics in the future.


SFHS - Rally 2011

In fall 2011, our activities director, Mr. Raines, got us a showing in the rally, along with the other fall sports. In addition, that day happened to be the senior drive-in. Our club presidents created a "throne chair" robot for the occasion, and drove the robot along with all the cars and various vehicles driven by the other seniors.