The original Saint Francis Robotics website, excluding our forum, navigation menu, and Spry validation on forms, was developed primarily by James B., the SFRT webmaster and technical director, with further revision, proofreading, and testing done by other members of the team.

The website was redesigned and coded again from scratch in winter 2011. All HTML, CSS, and PHP elements and coding were developed and optimized by Vivek S. All content was written by others, who also assisted with graphic design, banner design, as well as all photography and videography.

The SFRT forums are powered by the free, open source bulletin board software phpBB.


We use the open-source JavaScript library jQuery in many features of our website, including the navigation menu, the slider on our home page, and our media galleries. jQuery allows us to leverege powerful features of JavaScript, while still being lightweight and cross-compatible with many browsers.


We make sure to optimize all of the images on our website for the best loading time, while still maintaining quality images, especially in our media section. We use tools such as Photoshop™ and Adobe Media Encoder™ to convert all our videos and images to a format and size suited for the web. The only content on our website that uses Flash are the videos, which means our site is accessible to even mobile and recent Mac users.

Standards Compliant

Our entire website is compliant with HTML5 and CSS3. We validate our web pages after every revision before uploading, to ensure that our site stays up-to-date with the current web standards. We also ensure that our website works on all major browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera. This provides access to our website to any user.